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Men's Leather Cross Body Travel Bag- Onyx

Men's Leather Cross Body Travel Bag- Onyx

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Crafted from the finest quality leather, this men's shoulder bag is versatile and timelessly masculine. It's not just a bag; it's a statement – a symbol of your discerning taste and uncompromising style. You'll feel a surge of confidence knowing that you're carrying a piece that's as functional as it is striking, effortlessly complementing your every move.

Ensure you're always prepared for whatever adventure comes your way with its spacious interior and thoughtfully designed compartments. From your passport, to your tech and daily essentials, everything finds its place in this meticulously crafted masterpiece for the modern man on the move. 

Whether you're navigating the bustling streets of a foreign city or touring your own town the satchel bag is your trusty sidekick – rugged, reliable, and undeniably masculine. It's perfect for under your airplane seat so everything is in reach, commuting with your favorite book and tablet, or heading to a festival. So, go ahead, embrace the thrill of exploration, and make a bold statement wherever you roam. 


Material: The finest full grain natural leather with cotton lining and metal hardware.  Full grain leather hasn't been sanded, bonded or altered; it's the top of the hide with its natural grain and characteristics. Watch as your timeless leather bag improves with age as it develops a deep patina- the colour becomes richer, the leather softer, and it takes on a unique personality of its own.

Size: 21cm wide x 27cm long x 5cm deep

Layout: Features a large zip pocket on the front, and open pocket on the back perfect for having your phone close by but still with easy access. The inside has a zip pocket the right size for a passport, and two open pockets for a phone, sunnies, earphones etc. 

This bag has been tried and tested on adventures all over the world and perfectly caters to everything you might need from two water bottles, sunscreen, books, tablets etc. It's never left a man down. 

1-Year warranty.

This bag is made by hand from the highest quality full grain leather resulting in unique characteristics and variations in colour and texture. 

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