Collection: Wear

We know what matters and have designed our clothes to fit and last well. Our premium 180GSM organic cotton provides a quality feel that's suited to everyday wear, regardless of the occasion. 

Quality - Refined - Value

Rely on MinMan to deliver quality clothing made ethically and sustainably. Experience premium GOTS certified organic men's clothing designed with you in mind, from printed on tags to meticulous measurements.

Choose from the minimalist range of organic clothing designed for men - quality and classic pieces that fit just right.

Organic men's clothing is better for you and the planet. It means less toxins all round and is kinder to skin.

GOTS Certification effects every facet of the supply chain and takes a wholistic view in protecting the environment and textile industry stakeholders. It ensures farms are being used in the best way possible: without harmful chemicals or discharging untreated wastewater, sludge and excessive air pollution. Certified farms are required to rotate their crops to organic food to contribute to food security and reduce hunger. Workers are provided with fair remuneration, hygienic and safe working conditions without exposure to harmful chemicals, violence or discrimination. 

This is why it's so important to us that our clothing is certified organic - it's taking an active role in improving manufacturing and farming.