We care about people and the planet. That's why we ensure ethical, sustainable practices throughout our operations. 


We strive to fully offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions incurred by our products. We have a global supply chain, so we wanted a global approach to carbon offsetting, which is why we use the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform. This platform supports implementation of UNFCCC certified projects in developing countries around the world to reduce, avoid or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere - such as the construction of a hydroelectric powerplant in Sri Lanka or a wind power project in India. These projects not only have a positive environmental impact, but social and economic as well. 

It isn't just about us though; we also partner with not-for-profit organisations taking action to restore the planet and improve conditions for people around the world. 


As Australians, we've seen the impact that natural and manmade disasters have had on wildlife and their habitats that past few years, including bushfires, flooding and widespread land clearing. This is why we donate 1% of profits to WWF Australia to rehabilitate, repopulate and restore wildlife and habitats and build Australia’s resilience against climate disasters. 

We don't just want to cover our footprint, we want to play an active role in improving the environment. 


Through force, fraud, and coercion, people all over the world are being bought and sold against their will - right now in the 21st century. From forced labour and forced marriage, to child soldiers and domestic servitude – human trafficking takes many forms, some of which are perpetuated by the retail industry. This is why we've chosen to donate 1% of our profits to A21, one of the largest organisations in the world with the sole mission to end slavery. 

By supporting us, you're supporting a new approach to retail, with benefits that extend past the products.