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Minimal Manimal provides a minimalist range of quality men's items at a desirable price, with environmental and social responsibility at its core.  

Born from a 30-something man seeking quality items made responsibly, frustrated with inconsistent sizing, poor materials and searching page after page of shop sites that ignored the environmental impact of their operations. He and his female partner teamed up to bring you a new standard of men's products in a new way. 


Minimal Manimal delivers a wide range of curated products, including organic skincare, premium leather accessories and organic clothing, with men at the forefront. 

The design philosophy is simple – they design products that they'd want to use. Timeless styling, functional designs, and above all, quality, luxurious, and sustainable materials.  

Natural, recyclable and organic materials are chosen for products and packaging; from certified organic clothing to full-grain leather, and organic skincare, all the way to compostable packaging tape; Minimal Manimal has taken every step to ensure products are the best for you and the planet. 

Giving Back

Minimal Manimal look beyond their own impact with 1% of profits from each sale donated to WWF and 1% to A21. These donations help rehabilitate, repopulate and restore wildlife and habitats and help humanity end modern day slavery.


All products are made of the best environmentally conscious materials, from certified organic cotton to natural bamboo or recyclable glass. 

Minimal Manimal strive to fully offset the carbon dioxide emissions incurred in operations. With a global supply chain, they wanted a global approach to carbon offsetting, which is why they use the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform. This platform supports implementation of UNFCCC certified projects in developing countries around the world to reduce, avoid or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere - like the construction of a hydroelectric powerplant in Sri Lanka or a wind power project in India. These projects not only have a positive environmental impact, but social and economic as well. 


Minimal Manimal ensure equitable production with strong relationships with their manufacturing teams in Indonesia and India. 

Clothing is made in India by a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified team. Reviews are undertaken annually to become recertified and ensure workers are provided with fair remuneration, and hygienic and safe working conditions, without exposure to harmful chemicals, violence or discrimination. 

Leather is hand made in Indonesia by master leather craftsmen. Workers are all paid fairly, per piece produced with rates negotiated openly and honestly. Minimal Manimal do not impose deadlines on workers, working to their schedules, allowing them the freedom to set their own working hours for a positive work-life balance.

Skincare is formulated in Brisbane using ACO certified organic ingredients. 


Minimal Manimal is newly launched (January 2023) and continuing to grow it's product range.