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  • Refined

    Experience a minimalist range of curated, quality items that serve a purpose. Avoid the overwhelm of unnecessary products; we make the best product, from the best materials, fit for purpose. We don’t dilute our premium product range with unnecessary items. You know you’re getting the superior option and being an environmentally and socially responsible consumer.

  • Quality

    Experience luxury and comfort with our purposeful designs made from quality, natural materials like premium genuine leather and certified organic cotton.
    Be impressed by the difference in the details: the thought-out design and fit of our clothing, the practical and refined style of our leather goods, all underpinned by our quality materials and workmanship.

  • Value

    Benefit from the desirable price of our premium products, as value is a core motivator for us. We believe gentlemanly, sophisticated, and ethical items should be accessible to the everyday MinMan. It's for this reason that we don't do clearance sales; we offer you the best price, all the time.

    Our products are made responsibly to last, providing value that doesn’t stop at their price point.

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Sustainable and Ethical

When you choose us you know you are being an environmentally conscious and socially ethical consumer. 

We've partnered with the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform since the beginning, striving to fully offset our footprint by in investing in UNFCCC certified projects across the world.

Our products are made ethically, from natural materials, conscious of the environmental impact. We use premium GOTS certified organic cotton, genuine leather, certified organic oils, bamboo and recyclable materials.

It's not just about us though, we also donate a portion of our profits to World Wide Fund for Nature Australia (WWF) to look past our own environmental impact and A21 to support their mission to end slavery and improve lives.