Made by

Our design philosophy is simple – we design products that we want to use, and make them ethically and sustainably. Timeless styling, functional designs, and above all, quality, luxurious, and sustainable materials. 


Our leather is handmade in Indonesia by master leather craftsmen. We work on our designs with these experts directly before they bring them to life, taking pride in every stitch. 

Our workers are all paid fairly, per piece produced, with rates negotiated openly and honestly. We do not impose deadlines on our workers, we work to their schedules, allowing them the freedom to set their own working hours for a positive work-life balance.


Our skincare is made in Australia from 100% certified organic ingredients. We’ve kept it simple with only the most effective ingredients in each product; you’ll know it’s all organic, and all good. 


Our clothing is made in India by a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified team. This means that reviews are undertaken annually to become recertified and ensure workers are provided with fair remuneration, and hygienic and safe working conditions, without exposure to harmful chemicals, violence or discrimination. 

GOTS perform a strict review that offers protection to workers which include limited overtime that is paid at a higher rate, capped working hours per week and protections for migrant workers.