Every choice you make as a consumer impacts environmental sustainability. 


Every ingredient in our skincare is certified organic by ACO Certification Ltd, setting us apart from other offerings. 

Organic farming can help mitigate climate change and lower agricultural greenhouse gas emissions compared to non-organic practices. Organic production does not disrupt ecosystems with the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers or GMOs. Organic land also focuses on building healthy soil, which stores considerable carbon and increases drought resilience as explained by ACO.


We use genuine leather as it's a natural material of unrivalled quality and durability. 

Alternatives such as 'vegan leather' are made from synthetic, plastic-based materials. These materials are of inferior quality to leather, with a lifespan of generally only 2-5 years. Unfortunately, they last much longer in landfill, approximately 1,000 years, before degrading into harmful microplastics that can end up in water and food. 

Genuine leather is a co-product that will naturally decompose after approximately 50 years, after usually serving you well for 15-20 years. 

With supreme quality and a luxurious feel, our genuine leather products will serve you for up to ten times as long as a synthetic alternative, and not harm the environment when you're done with it. 


Our clothing is made with organic cotton certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This means that you know the environment and our workers are prioritised in all stages of the making of our clothes.

GOTS Certification affects every facet of the supply chain and takes a holistic view in protecting the environment and textile industry stakeholders. 

It ensures farms are being used in the best way possible: without harmful chemicals or discharging untreated wastewater, sludge and excessive air pollution. Certified farms are required to rotate their crops to organic food to contribute to food security and reduce hunger. 

In organic farming, the soil serves as a sink for atmospheric CO2. Thus, GOTS significantly contributes to the reduction of the total global emissions through carbon sequestration.

Workers are provided with fair remuneration, hygienic and safe working conditions without exposure to harmful chemicals, violence or discrimination. 

You don't need to take our word for it though, learn about the 17 benefits of GOTS certified companies here. 

Our partners are taking this a step further and are aiming for zero waste to landfill, zero pollution and zero wasted water by 2030. This applies to every stage in the supply chain, including the growers. 


Every aspect of our packaging is recyclable or compostable, all the way down to our sticky tape. Each shipment is carbon offset to ensure we're continuing to do right by the environment, in every stage. 

Other Products

All products in our range are made of the best environmentally conscious materials, from natural bamboo to recyclable glass and stainless steel.