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Movember MinMen Please Stand Up

For the month of November, MinMan is donating $10 from every oil sold to Movember. 

Movember is a true movement reaching across age, career and gender, which we’ve witnessed so strongly in Australia. Some of our mates start in October to make sure they can have a respectable mo’ come 30 November, others only have to wait a couple of days, but we love the physical representation of supporting men, promoting conversations and community around such important topics.

MinMan is passionate about making the brand be good and do good. We look inwards and ensure our products are made ethically from natural or recyclable materials, but we don’t stop there, we look outward as well, as want our brand to leave a positive impact.

We donate 1% to A21 to help stop modern day slavery, and 1% to WWF Australia for the planet on every order. We want to do more than this though; we want to create a brand where men feel accepted; where they don’t have to fit into a style that is just not them; it’s a space where you can buy something and know it will be quality and look good on you. We want Minimal Manimal to be a brand that unites men that care about the planet, people and their health, where talking about big issues and living life aligned with what really matters is the norm.  That’s where Movember comes in.

We want to support Movember’s mission, and make clear what Minimal Manimal is, and how it’s different. By donating $10 to Movember from every oil sold in November we’re making a statement that not only do we care about Movember’s important work, but we actually are doing something about it and putting our money where our mouth is.  This donation is on top of our standard 1% for people through A21 and 1% for the planet through WWF Australia. 

Our skincare range includes Hair and Beard Oil, Face Oil, Cleansing Oil and Body Oil and that’s why it’s the perfect pairing for Movember. They’re entirely made from organic materials and can help men keep their mo’ looking lush.  

More than this though, having a simple skincare routine is a good step in self-care. It’s meditative to apply face oil before you go to bed, a relaxing unwind for the day that we think is an incredibly valuable part of men's mental health and self care.  

So experience the many benefits for yourself and support a business cultivating a community focused on benefiting people and the planet.

Photo by Jacob Moseholt
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