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Ethical and sustainable Father's Day gifts for Aussie dads

Ah Father's day, relaxing for dads, stressful for those gifting.

MinMan can practically hear the collective groans of those dreading the annual rush to find the perfect gift, (or really any gift at all) for a man who probably has everything he needs. It's all too common to resort to those last-minute panic purchases or grabbing whatever looks remotely presentable.

MinMan wants to help you find the perfect Father's day gift, that will not only make the dad in your life happy, it'll be better for the planet too.  

Occasions like Father's Day can push consumerism and rushed decisions, on crappy gifts he didn't need or want anyway, but something meaningful that dad will actually like sometimes feels impossible.

We've curated a list of gifts that are sustainable and ethical, and that support Australian businesses too. 

Now, let's talk gifts! Father's Day is not about buying just for the sake of it. It's a time to show appreciation for the men who have shaped our lives and the world around us. So, why not gift Dad something that embodies meaning and mindfulness?

Father's Day Gift #1: Premium Meat Delivery 

Perfect for a carnivore cook dad, a meat delivery is a practical yet premium gift.

Stockman Steaks offer premium meat delivered to your door in eco-friendly packaging. You could arrange a delivery for dad (starting at $199 a box) or a gift card so he can decide. 

Free Red Meat With Chili Pepper and Green Spies Stock Photo

Father's Day Gift #2: Manly Pamper Pack

Men, too, deserve a little pampering, and our gift packs are the answer to suit every budget. We've carefully chosen natural and organic ingredients to nourish Dad's skin and keep his beard and hair in tip-top shape. No harsh chemicals here—just pure, mindful care for the face that has seen it all. With this gift, you're not only showing your appreciation for Dad but also for our planet.

Our packs range from $55 and have discounts built in to the bundles. Explore our curated range of premium, versatile products, thoughtfully designed with your needs in mind.

Men's Organic Skincare Pack – Minimal Manimal

Father's Day Gift #3: Wine

Toast to your dad with a gift wine from a sustainable, family owned and operated vineyard in the Hunter Valley, Keith Tulloch Wine. Rated in the top 50 Australian wineries in 2023, you know they can be trusted to deliver. They've taken a number of steps to be more sustainable and are certified carbon neutral. 
To top it all off, bottles start from $25.
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Father's Day Gift #4: The Leather Overnighter 

Picture this: Dad sets off on a new adventure, with a bag by his side, that's not only stylish but also built to withstand the test of time. Enter our leather overnight bag—the epitome of class and durability. Crafted from premium leather and designed with a timeless touch, this bag is ready to accompany Dad on all his endeavors. And the best part? Its production doesn't harm the environment or exploit communities. 

Explore Minimal Manimal leather bags, starting from $97.

At Minimal Manimal, we're all about providing men with a refined collection of products that are not only high-quality and luxurious but also kind to our planet. Our design philosophy is based on simplicity, crafting products that we ourselves would love to use—timeless, functional, and sustainable.

Men's Brown Leather Overnighter Bag – Minimal Manimal

Gift #5: Tickets

Experiences suit a minimalist approach to gifting, especially for the person with everything. Give dad a voucher to something he's always talked about but never done (race car driving, hot air ballooning, sailing boat tour) with RedBalloon.

Trial flights are a great way to tick something off the bucket list as well. Your local aeroclub is the best place to book. 

Contribute to the next weekend away with Luxury Escapes or arrange a winery tour or concert tickets.

Whatever you gift dad, it'll mean more if you're there to enjoy it. Free Person Preparing Hot-air Balloon Stock Photo

Gift #6: Your time!

Sometimes the best gift of all doesn't cost us anything at all, except our time. If you don't have the money to spare, or can't think of anything material the father in your life would want or need, then spending quality time with them may be the best thing. Invite him over for a home cooked meal, do some gardening or chores at his place, join him on his weekly round of golf or fishing adventure, or simply call him up for a chat. It may not seem like much but quality time spent with those people we value in our lives can be the most rewarding gift there is.


As you honor the fathers in your life, choose gifts that embody lasting value and make a positive impact. Happy Father's Day, and let's make this year a truly special one for all the extraordinary dads out there!

(Images: Red Meat With Chili Pepper and Green Spies by Mali Maeder; People having a toast by Julia Kuzenkov; Person Preparing Hot-air Balloon by Shvets Anna)
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